Project Backpack

A Relief Effort for Children of Katrina

Kids Helping Kids in Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Girl Scout Troop 2362

September 21, 2005

photos courtesy Janet Bloom

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    Thank you so much for helping to get the word out! As a direct result of your efforts, the children of Hopkinton once again showed their generosity and, with the help of their parents, contributed 100 backpacks to the homeless children of Project Backpack! I was overwhelmed with the response, especially given the short time people had to get the backpacks together! I must tell you that the children were amazing in their generosity. One very young child parted with all of her dolls and dressy clothes. Older children parted with autographed backpacks, game boys and games, new school supplies, favorite games and toys, etc. Several children really made it personal by packing backpacks that they, themselves would take for a weekend. So they had one or two changes of clothes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hair ties and brushes, bars of soap, a pillowcase, and neatly packed school supplies. Often, favorite books were also sent along.


    Here are some of the pictures from the event. The girls from Girl Scout Troop 2362 deserve a great deal of credit. The worked Thursday night from 6 to 9 PM, Friday afternoon and evening from 3:15 until 9 PM and Saturday from 8 AM until 9 PM. They checked, sorted, labeled and tagged each and every backpack. Each girl also made a backpack, and wrote a nice personal letter.  By the time it was all over, they had a sense of really making a difference in the lives of other children.

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