Used Slalom Canoes & Kayaks


Our inventory of good to excellent condition used slalom boats is always changing, so if you are in the market for a light weight racing boat please check back to this page often, and contact us so that we can help find the boat that is just right for you. 


These boats are fast and great for paddling up the Potomac Gorge and surfing at Rocky Island. You are welcome to come sit in these boats and take them for a spin on the Feeder Canal in Maryland.



Retro Attaining Slalom Kayak -- Boat has been claimed by her long lost owner from 12 yrs. ago!

4 meter slalom kayak, Carbon/ Kevlar layup, Euro made, not sure of the design, circa 1989 Savage Worlds. Light race boat makes it fun to paddle.  Great boat for someone just starting out racing or looking to get into a lighter boat for playing, surfing and attaining.  Boat has been claimed.



I'm really interested in a new slalom boat



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