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Slalom racing enthusiasts will likely find items of interest in our latest project.  We are putting the world renowned William T. Endicott books on top level paddlesports into eBook form.

Treasures of paddle sport are revealed as we post these archived works which have gone out of print.  Author Bill Endicott has graciously permitted us to  post these here.  Crack teams of "top men" (and women) are working around the clock (well, we do stop to eat, sleep and paddle every now and then, don't we?) to get this out to you.  Why?

One might assume that this material is outdated and obsolete.  However, you know what happens when one assumes!  As we read the texts, we repeatedly find nuggets of slalom wisdom along with gems of whitewater knowledge, while stubbing our toes on outright flashes of brilliance, all of which form the basis of sporting excellence.

The athlete "case studies" are particularly illuminating of the champion's day-to-day work ethic, training details, goal setting, and vision towards the top.


Bill Endicott ICF Canoe Slalom E-book


The Ultimate Run: Canoe Slalom at the Highest Levels is now complete. Within this work are champions case studies making for interesting reading for all of us who dream in slalom:

Kayak specialists might enjoy reading Norbert Sattler: "I like to paddle when the water is brown"; Richard Fox, 5x World Champion kayak technician; late bloomer Bronze Medalist Jean-Yves Prigent, and Czech Lubos Hilgert.

K1Ws may enjoy the stories about Ulrike Deppe, Cathy Hearn, and Liz Sharman.

Two Trips To The Top details the stories of World Champions and Olympic medalists Rebecca Giddens and Oliver Fix.

"There's a lot to be learned from C1 technique and boat control that is helpful to all classes.  Because the C1 has a blade on only one side, he must use it more efficiently. But if you can learn to use both of your blades more efficiently, you'll be a lot better off.

Cathy Hearn, K1W World Champion

A gripping Biography of Greg Barton (double gold medalist in sprint kayak at the 1988 Olympics) kicks off The Barton Mold, A Study in Sprint Kayaking.  Norm Bellingham,1988 Olympic gold medalist in sprint kayak and formerly a slalom racer is also featured.

All are pdfs, so you'll need to Get AdobeReader if you don't have it yet.


Davey Hearn

To Win The Worlds: A Textbook for Elite Slalomists and Their Coaches, 1980

The Ultimate Run: Canoe Slalom at the Highest Levels, 1983

How We Got There by Abbie Endicott, AW Journal, 1983

The Danger Zone: Downriver Canoeing at the Highest Levels, 1985

The Barton Mold: A Study in Sprint Kayaking, 1992

Two Trips To The Top: A Case Study of Rebecca Giddens and Oliver Fix, 2003

daveyhearn.com in The Washington Post March 6, 2005


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