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2007 Junior Wildwater World Championships in the USA!
The ICF Wildwater Committee has awarded the 2007 Junior Wildwater World Championships to the United States.
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2005 Junior Wildwater World Championships Results

Wildwater World Cup Racing

Wildwater World Cup #1 Sprint Results

World Cup #2 Classic Results

World Cup #3 Sprint Results

World Cup #4 Classic Results

World Cup #5 Sprint Results ~ Team USA Photos

World Cup #6 Classic Results ~ Chris Hipgrave wins Masters Bronze

World Cup Point Totals (best 4 of 6)

    K1 Andrew McEwan 31 of 63

    K1 Geoff Calhoun 32 of 63
    K1 Chris Hipgrave 57 of 63
    K1 Rob Murphy 44 of 63
    K1 Bern Collins 49 of 63
    C1 Tom Weir 13 of 27
    C1 John Pinyerd 26 of 27
    C1 Mike Beck 17 of 27


Congratulations to the 2005 USA Wildwater Team:



  Senior Team
K1 Andrew McEwan
- Auburn, CA
K1 Geoff Calhoun
- Bethesda, MD
K1 Chris Hipgrave
- Bryson City, NC
K1 Rob Murphy
- Decater, GA
K1 Bern Collins
- Columbus, NC
C1 Tom Weir
- Snohomish, WA
C1 John Pinyerd
- Marietta GA
C1 Mike Beck
- Sebastian, FL (training in GER)


  Junior Team
K1W Emily Stein Lookout Mountain, TN
K1W Erin Wilder Rockford, AL
K1 Eric Orenstein Bethesda, MD
K1 Chandler Jones Franklin, NC
C1 Joel Abrahams Auburn, AL


 USA Wildwater Team Trials Press Release & Results

 Racers battle the river in Wildwater Team Trials Citizen-Times.com March 7, 2005

 The river wild Wildwater Team Trials come to the mountains Citizen-Times.com March 5, 2005


2005 Wildwater Race Schedule
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USAWildwater Hall of Fame

Check out our new Hall of Fame of Wildwater Boaters
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Andy Bridge


Here is the International Canoe Federation Wildwater Calendar 

Please see the whitewater racing schedule for more Wildwater racing across the USA.

Here's a link to Italian Carlo Mercati's website


Competing in the 2004 Junior Pre-World Championships in Italy by Emily Stein


The Wildwater World Championships in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany May 20-23 & link to the World Championships Results pages & Photos 

John Pinyerd's Team USA recap of the Worlds


Wildwater World Cup #1-#2 Soca River, Slovenia May 29-30 Results

Wildwater World Cup #3-#4 Tepla River, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic June 5-6 Results

Wildwater World Cup #5-#6 Mouta River, Moutathal, Switzerland June 12-13


Maximum Whitewater Performance is pleased to announce the support of the 2004 USA Wildwater World Championship & World Cup Team members with Wild-Water helmets.


Here is the announcement of the 2004 Wildwater Team from John Pinyerd, USA Canoe Kayak Wildwater Committee Chairman.  Congratulations to all of the competitors!

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