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    Training Camps

        Thanksgiving Training Camp

            2005 Thanksgiving Photos

        Canoe Training Camp

            2004 Canoe Camp Photos

            2003 Julian's Report

            2002 Canoe Review

        American Slalom Excellence Program

            ASEP Forms

            Davey Hearn

            Ben Kvanli

            Lecky Haller

            Cathy Hearn

            2004 ASEP Photos

        Texas ASEP Training Camp

            2005 Texas Photos  

        Ray McLain Camp & Scholarship      

    Whitewater Champion

        2006 Breaking News in Whitewater Racing       

        2005 Canoe Kayak Racing News

          2004 Olympic Canoe Kayak Features

          Press Canoe Kayak Archives to 2004

        Davey Hearn's Racing bio

        Olympic Journals 2000 & 1996

        School Interviews

        Children's Art Gallery

    Finding Sponsors


        Towards Paddling Perfection

        The Endicott Files

            William T. Endicott

            To Win the Worlds

            The Ultimate Run

            Rebecca Giddens & Oliver Fix

            The Barton Mold

        Shoulder Routine

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    South Africa Development Team

    Scouting: Canoe/Kayak Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts


Whitewater Racing

 2006 Whitewater Racing Schedule

      Qualified for 2006 Team Trials

      Petition Process

 2005 Whitewater Racing Schedule & Results

        USA Whitewater Slalom Team

            World Championships Team Penrith

                Worlds Updates

            Pre-World Championships Prague

                Pre-Worlds Photos

            Team Trials Photos      

        World Cup Races

            World Cup Augsburg & Photos

        Junior Pre-Worlds Team

            Junior Team Europe Trip

            Junior Pre-World Championships Solkan

            Junior Trials Photos NOC

        Kern National & Pan American Championships

        2005 More Race Results Spring/Summer       

        Team Trials Durango, CO

            Qualified for 2005 Team Trials

            Team Trials Qualifiers

        Junior Olympics

        CCA 50th annual Downriver Race

    Hall of Fame

        International Whitewater Hall of Fame Induction Photos

        Whitewater Course Construction Marsh Mountain Photos

        Draft Nominations   

    Racing Links National & International

        Racer Websites


        Local Training


        Kayak Polo       

        Intro to Slalom

        2004 US Slalom Team

        Olympic Selection Method

        Qualified for 2004 Team Trials

    2004 Race Results

        Dickerson National Championships       

        World Cup Team

        Junior Worlds Team

        Junior Olympics

     Athens 2004 Olympics & Results

        2004 Olympic Team     

        Cathy Hearn's Athens Updates

        Archived Updates

        Olympic Preview

        Athens Photo Links

        Cathy Hearn images

    Events by Season

        National Pool Slalom Championships

            Pool Races & Results



            Slalom Records 1997-2005

                Recreational Records 1997-2005

        Nationals Championships Dickerson

            2004 Results, Information & Images

        Qualifiers BCE: Team Trials & Junior Olympics


        Whitewater Triathlon

        2002 Colorado Van Trip

    Women in Whitewater Slalom

    River Conservation


  Whitewater Course Design

    Dickerson Whitewater Course, Maryland

        Course Renovations 2002-2003

            2002 photos, modifications

        Design & Construction 1991

            1991 photos model, 75 boulders, installation

        Dedication to John Anderson and Scott Wilkinson

            1991 photos opening day, supporters, 1st race day 1992

    Adventure Sports Center International, Maryland

        1st USA re-circulating Whitewater Course:

            Whitewater Course in progress October 2005 at Marsh Mountain

            Whitewater Course Model Photos


US Team Alumni

    Wildwater Team

       Wildwater National Champions

    Slalom Forum

    National Slalom Champions

        C1 Champions

        K1W Champions

        "Club" Trophy

    World Medalists


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